Remove browser hijacker – Complete Removal Instructions

About is classified as browser hijacker which is an unwanted websites and this program comes from the hijacker family whose main aim to attack Windows PC including Win 7/ Vista/ XP. It installed in your system through email attachments and insecure downloading. Once it installed then it redirects your search engine Google, Yahoo, Bing to another unwanted advertisement sites and also display pop up messages. So, it is necessary to remove to avoid any further damages on your PC. This is quite similar to browser hijacker.  is  a dangerous kind of browser hijacker. To completely uninstall it from the system, click on the button below to download the software.


Just Download removal tool  to delete browser hijacker infections.

How gets identified on Windows PC ?

When your system gets infected with browser hijacker then you may notice a number of harmful symptoms on your PC. When it installed then it display constantly pop up warning messages and rogue scan reports. So, that they can misleads the users and force them to purchase its licensed versions. Apart from this it corrupt the registry entries, degrade the PC performance, system crash, redirects search engine, change desktop and homepage settings and many other.

Why you need to delete ? is a browser hijacker program which highly dangerous for your PC because it modify or corrupt your system files as well as registry entries inside the computer and also steal your important informations or passwords from your system and sent it to spammer for misuse. So, it is highly recommended to uninstall to make your PC safe and secure.

Type                                                         Fake

Sub-Type                                                Browser Hijacker

Infected System                                      Windows XP/ 7/ Vista

Get Rid of – Automatic Removal Instructions

The best way to get rid of infection through automatic removal tool. So, just download automatic removal tool on your system. This software has highly advanced powerful scanning algorithms that scan all files, folders and registry entries related to this browser hijacker and remove it completely from your PC without any difficulties.

Manual Method to Remove :

Step 1 :  At first, Go to Window Task Manger and stop all running processes related to
Step 2 : Remove all malicious files related to this infection through start->search option
Step 3 : In next step delete all invalid registry entries from Windows Registry Editor.
Step 4 : To detect out  all threats you need to update the antivirus program so, that it perform a complete scan of your PC.

Prevention Tips to the users

  •  Enable firewall for complete protection of your PC.
  •  Update the antivirus program with latest signature files to prevent your system from   serious threats.
  •  While clicking on web links or opening unknown attachments be careful.
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