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Jack Mathews

Jack Mathews is a technical expert working in a reputed multinational firm dealing in IT sector from the past 5 years. High knowledge of contemporary programming methodologies including Obj C, C++, Ruby, Python and relevant ones from technical point of view had helped him to reach this level. He plays an important role in managing technical assignments of the company.

Along with this, He is an editor on our site and is responsible to take care of editorial column. He is highly interested in writing on a number of technical topics and even perform regular blogging to share his excellent ideas with all the people over here.

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Lucy Disuza

Lucy Disuza is working as a IT Security Administrator in a Computer Network Solutions company from the last 7 years. Her regular dedication and devotion towards the work has highly contributed in her consistent growth and now she is a leading IT professional and is working with experienced people.

She has complete understanding of entire networking methodologies such as firewalls, proxy server programming and related ones and is responsible for managing the enterprise security solutions maintaining the integrity as well as confidentiality for the purpose of security issues. Along with this, she handles editorial column of this site to represent her exclusive ideas on spywrae issues to people.

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